(BSM again comes up with its new big and major metropolitan project which is known as the New Metro City Gujar Khan. The project itself comes up with all kinds of modern and essential amenities including prime location, mega-development, luxurious mall, and affordable housing investments benefits for the investors.)BSM introduced its new metropolitan project which is undoubtedly circulating as a well-known reputable project. The project itself is known as the name of the new metro city Gujar khan. No doubt there are loads of information that are available on the web but still, there is a lot more which you need to know about this mega new metro city Gujar khan project.
So without any delay, let’s take a deep dive and dig into the hidden beneficial facts of this new metro city Gujar khantogether.


This new metro city project is based on the GT ROAD. One of the main reasons that become or makes this project eye-catching or demandable is its prime location.
Despite this project, other projects are launched and claiming to provide you with all kinds of better living facilities but the thing that makes this project unique and prominent is its lavish, luxurious, eco-friendly, and easy-to-access route credentials.
Besides the other modernized and standard living comforts, the project is also providing you with other normal routine-based facilities in which the accessibility of routes are one of the main and vital deal.
So in case, if you are looking for better living investment options and a comfortable lifestyle residential society then without any asking this project is an ideal consideration for you to avail.

Why Should You Consider BSM's New Gujar City Project?

To continue this, the project is under the banner of BSM, and when it comes to the BSM developers PVT LTD so we all know that the BSM owner is Malik Riaz’s grandson which is Bashir Malik.
So, one thing is clear the project is going to provide you with enough level of living style without any compromises. Rest, if you are quite concerned and before investing want to know more about the developer’s and owners’ past projects then, in past, the BSM also introduced


Except for these projects, BSM also has an experienced and highly professional staff that is there in two divided day and night shifts for the sake of providing their investors with a world-class and remarkable housing society.
The team of BSM is no doubt planning the structure of this society wisely, simply well-structured and organized as their main vision is to fulfill the desires of their investors and give them enough level of comfort.

New Metro City NOC:

Well, apart from the builders and the project importance, the other most important thing those investors ask most frequently before investing is the NOC.
As far as the new metro city NOC is concerned, the developers officially submitted the entire legal documentation and paperwork credentials in return for this, soon the TMA Tehsil municipal authority will approve the NOC non-objection certificate.
On the other hand, to know about the Noc approval you can stay in touch with the project official management or even consider the land marketing dealers.

New Metro City Location:

Like it’s mentioned above that the new metro city location is the main deal that increases the hype of this project more as compared to others.
Secondly, the project also offers both primary and secondary routes for better and easy accessibility.
The primary route is directly connected to the main GT road which is also known as the new metro city main entrance rest, some other secondary/ highway routes allow smooth access.

In simple words, the project is quite accessible for the twin cities’ visitors without any fuss or distraction plus it’s also one of the best opportunities for business investors to invest in this project as the project has a vast and replenish location that contains all kinds of basic and advance amenities which in future maximize their profit without any hurdles.

(* For further and accurate location guidelines you can also use the Google map tool for the new metro city map location)

Another major thing that increases the demand for this project location is its nearby hospitals and schools.
On the other side as you know that the project has its initial stage so the prices are quite reasonable and an advantageous deal for the investors to invest later on, after the NOC or in future progress working the rates will raise higher than the current one.

New Metro City Easy Accessibility Spots:

To continue this, when it comes to the project nearby landmarks, accessibility, and spots so the project is no doubt surrounded by some major spots.

  • The college is 4 minutes away from the project.
  • A bus stop is hardly 10 minutes away.
  • Hospital is 6 minutes away.
  • Bewal road is 9 minutes away.
  • Sukho road is 7 minutes away.
  • Gulyana road is 5 minutes away and.
  • Mandra chakwal road is only 15 minutes away.

Furthermore, there are also some other nearby main spots including,

  • Banquet/ halls.
  • Women college and.
  • Banks as well.

Undoubtedly, if you are interested to live a standard lifestyle with your family at an affordable cost then no deal is better than this new gujar project for you to avail.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan 2023:

New metro city payment plans are quite flexible and affordable, one of the best things about this project is its easy installment plans, and then anyone can easily pay their installments without feeling any tension or burden.

Rest, its 2023 payment and installment plans are mentioned in the below-mentioned pictures clearly.

New Metro City Housing Scheme Gujar Khan:

The New Metro City housing scheme is well known and popular because of its highly eco-friendly, secure, and replenishing environment. The city itself is also an ideal deal for living because it has the maximum level of standardized opportunities, facilities, and amenities that is enough for human luxurious living.
Secondly, on the other side, the city project is also surrounded by loads of main landmarks and spot points and easy access routes that also help to enhance its project feature and demand.
Despite all the pros facts and figures, the city offers different residential plots for living so then anyone can easily pick the one as per their desire and requirement.
Currently, the city offers the

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla and
  • 1 Kanal plots

These plots are available for both residential and commercial buyers.
Without any doubt, it’s not wrong to say that this project which is hardly 30 minutes drive away from the twin cities is offering you a lot on an affordable budget.
Now it’s up to you if you want to invest there for residential purposes or for commercial but in both ways the city project will never disappoint you.
For further elaborations concerning the project officials or the Qamar Enterprises real estate dealers.

Additional Services And Amenities:

However, other essential or you can say additional services or amenities which the city itself is ensured to provide you for a lifetime are including

Isn’t it great? Indeed it is.
But wait, this is not the end, there are also a lot more facts which you need to know about this exclusive city project.

New Metro City Latest Updates:

When it comes to the new metro city’s Latest updates, no doubt some latest news decisions have been decided to take just for the sake of the betterment of this city project.
Among the series of all the top hot latest updates is the expected launching of the Gujar Khan Mall in this project. As per the circulating news, it has been heralded that the mall is going to be one of the mega malls in this city project.

On the other hand, the project team, they are trying their level best to launch this mall as a one-stop solution for the residents so that the residents can freely enjoy their lifestyle without any worries as well as the business investors can also expand their business and maximize their profit without any thoughts.
One thing is clear Gujar Khan city is a land of opportunity which is loaded with the bar of standards for both residents and investors.

Another latest update or you can say adding features in this city are including introducing a massive level of food court so, then the citizens can enjoy their family time mannerly, plus, the facility of adding the brand outlets (both local and international) is also one of the major beneficial deal for the residents as anyone among them can easily purchase their favorite brand by visiting the outlet without thinking to drive towards the twin cities malls.

Rest, the gold marts for the jewelry lovers, the fun land for kids and families, the departmental super stores for monthly groceries, and last but not least the diagnostic center according to the international standard for citizen’s medical care is also on the list of the latest updates of Gujar khan city.

Isn’t it great? for sure it is, to continue this, just for the kind information as far as the development work is concerned so the digging process and other heavy machinery work have been already started and in progress.
Investors can visit and see the development updates by their selves.


Another latest news regarding this new Gujar khan metro city project that also increases the hype of this project in front of the buyers, dealers, and investors is that the city is also offering 8 and 14 Marla premium residential plots for their Pakistani overseas.

So then they can do their future investments as per their requirement without any hurdles.


Well, manual booking is not a hectic deal, it’s as easy as you think all you need is to download a manual form or you can simply visit the official site or fill out the e-from and then submit it. Rest for the payment deposit the banks that are officially accepting the deposit fee are UNITED BANK LIMITED and ASKARI BANK LIMITED.
t dealers.

Document Requirements:

Rest, the documents which you need to submit during the time of booking are including;

  • CNIC and passport copy
  • Online payment slips screenshot or print
  • Payment receipt copy
  • Passport size photographs as per the website mentioned requirement and
  • NICOP copy

One thing which is important to mention and clear here is that it doesn’t matter if you buy, transfer, or sell the property make sure you have checked the document verification wisely, check the entire property visits, and go through the other financial security credentials as well.
These things are important and prevent you from any kind of bankruptcy, scam, or extravagance.


In a nutshell, it’s not wrong to say that this new transparent city is offering tons of stupendous and tremendous both residential and commercial opportunities. In this era where the process is raising high every passing day availing of this project is undoubtedly a trustworthy and super friendly deal for the buyers and investors.
To know more in detail or for any further queries feel free to consider the official dealers or the Qamar Enterprises real estate dealers.


1. Who are the owners and developers of the NEW METRO CITY?

The BSM is the developers of this project and the owner of this BSM group is the grandson of Malik Riaz (Bahria town owner)

2. Where is this project located?

Well, the project is located on the main GT road which is the primary entrance of this city project rest; the project also has some other secondary access routes.

3. What are the major requirements for booking the property in the Gujar Khan City project?

The requirements are quite easy and relatable. All you need is to fill out your personal information correctly the area/ selection of your property, the nominee of data entry, your genuine signature, and last but not least your payment.

4. How can I track my booking?

Well, you can easily track your booking. All you need is to timely visit the official website of the GUJAR KHAN CITY project.

5. What are the launching and possession credentials of this new city?

Well, this new city project was launched in this 2022 year, and as far as the possessions are concerned so the possession will be granted right after the six months of the project launching date.

6. When will the project receive its NOC?

Well, the developers submitted the entire documentation and other confidential requirements regarding the project and also got the approval to receive the NOC soon.

7. Is it a good opportunity for the investors to invest in this project?

Undoubtedly, it’s a golden opportunity for all the investors to invest in this project as the city project is also offering a vast opportunity for business investors by offering them a commercial hub spot surety.