Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Located at the central location of Islamabad’s main highway, Gulberg Greens is now considered one of the top societies all across Pakistan. Due to excellent infrastructure, timely development, and gorgeous scenic beauty Gulberg greens Islamabad is now the first choice of many people searching for the perfect property. The community was founded in 2007 and has since grown into a sprawling complex with many amenities. As an Intelligence Bureau Employees Co-operative Housing Society (IBECHS) initiative, it has a high level of security which is remarkable.

Located in the center of Islamabad, Gulberg Greens is an elegant and attractive housing project. There are now two commercial zones and two residential areas in Gulberg Islamabad, Pakistan. Having been authorized by the Capital Development Authority (CDA Approved) NOC No CDA/PLW/Zone-4(14)/2011/Vol.II/407 as a government project/district, Gulberg is already home to many residents. The Gulberg Residencia and the Gulberg Greens make up the Gulberg Housing Project a first-rate choice.

About the developers:

The Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society is behind the development of Gulberg Islamabad (IBECHS). There are many housing societies; however, Gulberg greens Islamabad’s lovely locale is as attractive as Islamabad.

Only serving IB employees can fit in the IBECHS management committee, a welfare organization that provides housing for IB employees. Gulberg Greens’s Business Park is where the company’s headquarter is located.

IBECHS Phase 1 and Phase 2 (also known as Pakistan Town) have a long history of home development near the PWD area. Once all previous phases had been complete, IBECHS began work on its massive Gulberg Islamabad project in 2005, which sprawled across thousands of acres of Pakistan’s capital city.


Gulberg Greens Islamabad is located on the main Islamabad Expressway, connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad, making it convenient for residents of both cities. Gulberg Greens Islamabad is in a favorable location on the main Islamabad Expressway, with connections to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Gulberg Greens stands out as the only society that has benefitted the most out of its ideal and prime location. Gulberg’s most appealing feature is its location, roughly 3 kilometers from Benazir International Airport and 11 kilometers from Islamabad Club. Farm Houses are found immediately upon entering from the Islamabad Highway. At the same time, residential plots are approximately 6 to 7 kilometers ahead of Gulberg Greens, where it is connecting to Gulberg Residencia via a bridge that is now under construction.

Gulberg Islamabad map:

Approximately 2100 Farmhouses are there in Gulberg Greens.

About 12 kilometers or 10 minutes from Zero Point, Gulberg Homes Islamabad is the most convenient housing community. It is just 14 minutes from Aabpara Market, 8 kilometers away from the Civil Lines, and 15 minutes to T Chowk Rawat. An underpass can also access Chak Shahzad and Naval Anchorage.

Growth And Development :

Gulberg Greens Islamabad is growing at a quicker rate than the rest of the city’s development pipeline. This year, the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce recognized their growth as the best. According to official statistics, Gulberg Greens is 70 percent complete.

Gulberg Islamabad Master Plan:

It is part of Gulberg Islamabad’s master plan to have two distinct developments, Gulberg Greens (Agro Farm Housing Scheme) and Gulberg Residencia (Affordable Housing) (consisting of 200 yards up to 1000 yards residential plots).

Farmhouses in Gulberg Greens

Mouza Koral in Islamabad Zone-IV, off the Main Expressway, is home to Gulberg Greens, an Agro Farm Housing Scheme. For those who want to live in an area where everything is within walking distance, Gulberg Greens is the place. There are tens of thousands of Kanals here, all of it lush and green. A-Executive, A, B, C, D, and E blocks make up the course’s six sections.

There are a variety of farmhouse layouts to choose from at Gulberg Greens Farm Houses;

Jasmine enclave(4 Kanals)

Rose Enclave (5 Kanals)

Tulips enclave(10 Kanals)

On August 26, 2011, the CDA approved the Gulberg Greens layout plan, and the NOC was provided on May 28, 2012.

Blocks A, B, C, and D where possession has been proclaimed, have been finished by Gulberg. The construction of Block E is presently underway, and hundreds of workers and machinery are putting in long hours to ensure the project is completed on time.

Gulberg Trade Center, a new commercial plaza under construction in Gulberg Greens block B, has recently begun taking reservations for shops and flats.

Gulberg greens commercial plots are now easily available, as small commercial areas have been constructed near the entrance to the first bridge in B block, where commercial plots of 40×40 sizes have been launched. It costs more than $3.50 million for this advertising, which is paid in four equal installments. A great deal of potential exists for this sector to become one of this society’s priciest business districts.

Prices Of Plots :

Many people are now looking for a plot for sale in Gulberg Islamabad, as Gulberg Islamabad’s pricing is another massive attraction. Gulberg stands out as the best investment option for you as you can’t compare It to any other community when it comes to modern life and the sense of security it provides.

Several different payment options are available since booking rates have fluctuated over time. IB employees first received plots, and later the project was made available to the general public with a simple and flexible payment plan.

Facilities For Residents:

Gulberg is home to several facilities. Gulberg has wide solar-lit roads, a Knowledge Village, lakes and bridges, underground electric and gas connections and water treatment plants, as well as the New Blue Area, mosques, a transportation hub with pumping stations and CNG stations and fire stations and pharmacies, and a telephone exchange with an auditorium, an auditorium, and a community center. Gulberg also has underground electric and gas connections and water filtering plants.

Special Features:

Security Management:

  • Surveillance of the Physical Entrance Gateway
  • Security Gates, Walls, and CCTV

Beautiful and Modern Infrastructure:

  • Electricity Distribution System Installed Below Ground
  • a network of underground drainage and sewer systems
  • Treatment Plants for Sewage
  • Tube Wells for the Underground Water Supply System and Storage Facilities both below and above ground.
  • Filtration Systems for Water
  • Telecommunications Networks Operating Below Ground
  • Subterranean Gas System

Contemporary Circulation Networks

  • The Expressway and Main Avenues (220 ft, 200 ft, 160 ft, 150 ft, and 120 ft Wide Main Roads)
  • Major Traffic Flow (100, 80 and 70-Foot) Commuters
  • 60, 50, and 40-Foot Wide Access Streets (Internal Roads).


  • Planting trees around roadway medians, walkways, and shoulders of roads as well as waterways.
  • Parks with soft and hard landscaping, roundabouts, and recreational areas for passive and active use.

Buildings and amenities that are open to the general public

Mosques, police stations, telephone exchanges, fire brigades, grid stations, transport terminals, and graveyards. –

Recreational and Cultural Facilities

  • libraries and community centers.
  • Toys stations, Playgrounds, and Open Spaces
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths
  • Clubs and Gyms
  • Specified Lakes/Water Bodies
  • Complex for Sport and Culture
  • Food establishments, hotels, and resorts
  • Cinema and the Theater
  • Golf Club

Buildings for Commercial Use

  • The Business District and the Blue Zone
  • Central Business District/Markaz
  • Centers that cater to the most basic needs of the community are available.
  • CNG Stations and Petrol Pumps.

Facilities for the Healthcare Industry

  • Hospital
  • Dispensaries
  • Pharmacies & Doctors’ Offices

Facilities for the College or University

  • Schools and nurseries
  • Educational Institutions

Accommodations for the Residentials

  • Typical Residential Buildings (200-1000 Sq. Yds)
  • Farmhouses with a touch of luxury (4, 5, 10 & 20 Kanals)
  • Condominiums & Apartments of the Highest Quality



Dedicated security system
24/7 water supply
solar powered street lamp
Wide Road Network
Community with a security gates
Proactive waste mannagement system

Complete ownership

Constant sui gas supply

80% Green Area